The new .au domains have arrived !

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After years of securing second-level .AU domains (,, you now have the option to secure a direct .AU domain!

Australia's New Domain Name

The new .au domains have arrived!

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When .au direct names launch in March 2022, registrants with existing .au domain names (ending in,,, will have the chance to apply for Priority Status. This status will allow existing .au domain holders to register the exact match of their domain name with .au. The Priority Status application period will run for six months to ensure .au holders have enough time to register their direct .au domain.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You are eligible for priority alllocation of your .au domain. Register your domain now.

Anyone with a local connection to Australia, including businesses, associations and individuals, can register a .au direct name through an auDA accredited registrar.

Existing holders of a .au domain name licence will have the first opportunity to apply for Priority Status to register the exact match of their current domain name at the .au direct level.

Under the Process, exact matches of all names in the Australian registry before launch will be reserved for .au direct during the six-month Priority Allocation period. During this period, eligible registrants may apply for Priority Status through an accredited auDA registrar.

For more information, visit auDA’s Priority Allocation Process page.

In a small fraction of cases, more than one registrant may be eligible to apply for Priority Status for the same .au direct name (e.g. where Registrant A holds and Registrant B holds

In those cases, the creation date of each applicant’s domain name licence will determine how a name is allocated according to a priority category.

More information on priority categories and examples to help explain how Priority Allocation works can be found on auDA’s Priority Allocation Process page.


auDA provide a priority status tool which you can use to validate the status of your domain name. The details can be found here.


"" is the domain name, "yourname" is the domain and "" is the domain extension.