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24/7 Remote access to all your security systems.


What is a Security VPS.

Find out exactly what a Security VPS is and how you will benefit.

Standard Inclusions with SecurityVPS

Fully Managed Plans

We take care of all your backups, updates, security and more!

Custom Domain Name

Your business name for easy access. or

Super Fast Servers

Xeon vCPU's, SSD Drives, Fully Scalable. Windows Server 2022/ Pro and much more.

Security Applications

Any Security application needed will be preinstalled such as CTPlus, Titan, Bosch A-Link, DL900 and much more.

Security Server Software

Integriti Suite and TecomC4 BYO license optional.

Windows Remote Desktop

Reliable inbuilt Windows Remote Desktop access. Accessable with any desktop, laptop or mobile device.

What is a Security VPS

At its core a VPS is a Virtual Private Server. Our Security-VPS's have been designed in partnership with SecureFind to provide a specialised solution for the security industry.

An always on server that allows you or  a team member to connect to a 24/7 available server with all your security systems in one location and gives you the ability to program any part of the security system as if you were sitting on location.

You can connect to your server by basically any device that is connected to the internet. Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or even your Mobile Phone.

If you are using a Windows machine you can simply connect by Windows Remote Desktop which is built into every current Windows device. There is also APPS available on Apple and Playstore for mobile devices.

You can have unlimited users on your S-VPS. 

Any security that has a Windows client that allows remote access can be installed and configured. Including Inner Range, Tecom, Bosch, DAS/Reliance and much more.

This depending on the system onsite or the GPRS system you are using. Most common connections are Permaconn, Skytunnel and Ultrasync.

Full guides can be found in Securefind FAQ's setting up remote access to security systems.

Yes, we can setup multiple servers under a business account which can save thousands on outlay costs of onsite servers and workstations.

Tasks like identifying faulty devices, input testing, time zone testing or even macro operations traditionally require 2 techs to be efficient. Generally 1 tech is at a keypad/server and the other tech at the device. 

Imagine working on a complicated macro for automation or even repairing a faulty resistor on a smoke detector, the tech can look at his phone to see if the zone has sealed or the automation task has triggered without walking all the way back to the software just to find that something is not right. 

This dramatically increases the productivity of a service technician.

The amount of techs required onsite can be reduced in many cases by having the technician connected to the server by a mobile device while being mobile and troubleshooting.

A common problem that we have come across is that security companies often have multiple team members such as techs that have remote access to sites security system for various reasons such as programming users, time zones etc.

This can be problematic if the techs do not have an up to date copy of the database and override the last changes made as its not in their laptops database.

This is commonly seen when a job is completed and then the client reports that an old fault has returned since your tech was onsite or User X no longer works since you programmed User Y.

If you have a fault with a workstation or a server there can be many hours wasted in just the travel alone to diagnose the issue.

  • You won't need to travel to site
  • Time onsite to diagnose the problem.
  • Travel to the supplier for replacement hardware.(Hopefully it's in stock)
  • Travel back to site and replace the faulty hardware.
  • Restore a backup(If there is a backup)
  • If there is no backup the risk of losing usernames, descriptions etc.

All S-VPS's are automatically backed up and can even be snapshotted so you can restore the entire system at anytime.

Servers and workstations can be very costly, usually thousands of dollars just for a for a mid tier server. S-VPS's can be operational within hours and are cheaper than the cost of a coffee a day.

Benefits of a S-VPS

Always available S-VPS's allows any of your team members to connect to a security system 24/7 from anywhere in the world as if they were sitting right at the keyboard at your client's site.

Client-VPS M

Clients running smaller systems such as Titan, Bosch and DL software.

$ 45.95 /Month
  • 1 Xeon vCPU
  • 2GB RAM
  • 55GB SSD


Designed for security companies to run all major security software.

$ 104.95 /Month
  • 4 Xeon vCPU
  • 8GB RAM
  • 160GB SSD

Client-VPS L

Clients running larger access control systems such as TecomC4 & Integriti.

$ 75.95 /Month
  • 2 Xeon vCPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 80GB SSD

Package Includes

bureau or client

Security VPS

The Security VPS can be used for security bureau's or provided for end clients to reduce the up-front cost or to reduce the risk of downtime or expensive hardware failure.

24/7 Access

Feature packed and includes 24/7 technical support from our 100% Australian-based team.

Lightning Fast Servers

Server Xeon vCPU's & SSD drives providing super fast reliability and performance.

Custom Domain Name Included

Custom domain

Free Domain Name

Customised domain name for inhouse or client access. GSVR can provide a free or we can assist on setting up a sub domain on your domain for your end client such as

Access your server via domain name.

We can assist on creating a subdomain that points to your clients server. This allows you to provide your client a personalised domain for their server.

australian domain names logo

Popular Server software Included

Integriti / Insight Designer

Inner Range

Protecting Your People, Assets and Cashflow

Over 50,000 systems installed across 25 countries

Access Control | Intruder Alarms | Smart Buildings

Integriti Designer

Integriti CS for bureau's or Integriti Professional for client applications.

Included Migration

We can fully load all your sites into your VPS by providing a backup of current CS installations.

Tecomc4 / CTPlus / Titan

Carrier / Interlogix


TecomC4 for Clients or CTPlus and Titan for bureau management.

Included Migration

We can fully load all your sites into your VPS by providing a backup of current system/panel exports.

Most Popular Applications Included


Security Applications

Australia's most popular security applications. Don't have what you need? Just ask and we will add it free of charge.

Windows Based Application's

Applications such as Reliance, Bosch, Ness and More.

Browser Based

Synchronized bookmarks for systems such as Inception.